Replaceable Toothpaste

World-class toothpaste. Up to 15 days of usage with a single cartridge.

Toothpaste is developed in cooperation with the Californian gIDE institute, particularly for ivmax toothbrush®. Use an Iceberg cartridge every day or a Snowflake cartridge if you have sensitive gums for icy breath and snow-white teeth.

The toothpaste cartridge is made of medical polymer that is 100% recyclable.

The toothpaste itself is made from premium quality ingredients and is available in 2 variants: Iceberg (regular paste) and Snowflake (for sensitive gums).

The process of squeezing the paste is solved by squeezing all available paste out of the cartridge and there is no unused amount - zero waste. This approach in finding solutions makes Ivmax a product that is Eco Friendly.

The specially formulated toothpaste does not contain artificial materials (SLS) and has a beneficial effect on the gums and tooth enamel. The fine granulation of the toothpaste protects the teeth from mechanical stress that can occur while brushing teeth and helps remove even the smallest impurities.Iceberg variant is the toothpaste for everyday use, the granulation is optimized so that it does not damage tooth enamel and nor irritate the gums.

Snowflake variant is intended for all those who have sensitive gums.

Replaceable Toothpastes