Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an electric toothbrush? How do I charge it and how long will the battery last?
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Ivmax toothbrush® is a manual device which needs no battery or charging at all. The idea behind this product was to combine several functions into solely one product, so from the beginning we were determined to eliminate unnecessary elements and come up with the simple and universal oral hygiene product.

How can I be sure that toothpaste will not dry out once I place it in the toothbrush?
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A clean brush and paste are always important to minimize bacterial contamination and transfer. Ivmax toothbrush® has a breathable cap that protects the head from dirt and germs, as well as a special membrane which keeps the toothpaste cartridge sealed between two brushes.

How often should one change the toothpaste tube inside the toothbrush?
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Usually one cartridge of ivmax toothpaste can cover 30 doses. One dose is dimensioned in accordance with recommendations of dentists. So if you brush your teeth twice a day, the average period between two refills should be somewhat around two weeks.

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