Toothbrush. Toothpaste. All in one.

Welcome to the new age of oral hygiene. The revolutionary toothpaste-toothbrush all in one solution is one of a kind in the world!

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Always at hand

Brush your teeth anytime

We have all at least once found ourselves in a situation where we couldn’t maintain oral and dental hygiene in the way we are used to. Thanks to the Ivmax brush, you can now brush your teeth at any time and in any situation

Perfect for Outdoor

Compact and durable!

The body of the device is made of antibacterial metal. During the manufacturing process of the toothbrush, medical-grade polymers were used.

Airplane Safety

Secure and reliable

Even with the paste inside the body, the amount of paste in the cartridge is below the maximum amount of liquid that is allowed to be brought into the plane.You can take care of your oral hygiene anywhere you go, even inside the airplane.

All in one Solution

ivmax® is a unique combination of a toothbrush and toothpaste

Ergonomic design, made of premium materials. It doesn’t contain batteries, which makes it even more practical. The squeezing of the paste is set to the ideal dosage needed for one brushing.

Protective Cap

Guardian of your health.
ivmax® cap protects the brush from viruses, bacteria, dirt and provides airflow for drying.

Due to the special geometry of the slot, optimal airflow is enabled. The slots reduce moisture and thus prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. The protective cover cap prevents the brush bristles from coming into contact with airborne dirt.

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Replaceable Head

ivmax® has a special anti-dry membrane that prevents the paste from drying out and gently massages your gums.

The brush head is made of hypoallergenic polymer. The bristle threads are made of the highest-quality materials and are available in two different levels of hardness: soft and ultra-soft.

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Replaceable Toothpaste

World-class toothpaste. Up to 15 days of usage with a single cartridge.

Toothpaste is developed in cooperation with the Californian gIDE institute, particularly for ivmax toothbrush. Use an Iceberg cartridge every day or a Snowflake cartridge if you have sensitive gums for icy breath and snow-white teeth.

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Mechanical Body

Goodbye batteries!
Mechanism squeeze the perfect dose of toothpaste through the neck.

One push of the Press button releases the ideal dosage of toothpaste recommended by the dentist.

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Find Your Style

There are five unique colors for you. Find the one that suits you best!
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Subscription Plan

We take care of your toothbrush and paste!

As part of the ivmax® annual plan, every 3 months, we deliver to your home address a replacement, new brush head and toothpaste. The amount of toothpaste we deliver is sufficient for the next 3 months of use until the next delivery. This way you will always have a new brush head and enough toothpaste. We ship worldwide!

Subscription planSubscription plan
Developed by professionals

ivmax® is a product developed in collaboration with the famous gIDE Institute from the USA 

The key parts of the product itself, such as the head and bristles, have been developed in collaboration with world-renowned dentists.

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Premium materials

Ivmax® is made of top-quality materials

Magnesium and zinc alloy, which was used to make the body of the brush, ensures the longevity of the product. In the choice of materials, we were guided by world innovations and only materials of the highest quality were used. The quality of the material is a guarantee for the longevity of the product itself and its quality.